CHEF MONSTER - Red Velvet - 60ml


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Delicant Red Velvet cake layered with cream!

Now this is a premium vape juice that you can almost sink your teeth into! With a delicate blend of flavorings consisting of rich, red velvet cake layered with a sensationally sweet buttercream icing, Red Velvet E-Liquid will tickle the taste buds and send your mind reeling.

For the yummy taste of fresh from the bakery red velvet cake in a premium e-liquid, our team of expert mixologists has spent many long hours in the lab perfecting this lip-smacking e-juice. Creating a DIY e-liquid with such a distinctly decadent flavor profile would be a challenge for even the most experienced mixologist. Red Velvet E-Liquid is the best e-juice to cure your cravings for something rich and sweet.


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